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Bo Stegall | The Collection - Cell Renewal Technology

This revolutionary 8 STEP “Anti-Aging” Signature Collection focuses on the proven science and chemistry of our Trademarked Cell Renewal Technology. Our innovative technology penetrates through the outer layer of the scalp allowing our ingredients to enter into the hair bulb where the hair is born.

We are constantly healing the hair and scalp by using only Essential Oils, Nutrients/Vitamins, Fruit Extracts, Silk Protein and Botanical Extracts. Our ingredients and technology combined allow for new hair growth with proper nutritional value. We simply speed up the Cell Renewal turnover rate while balancing the pH of the scalp. A balanced pH eliminates Dandruff, Eczema, Dermatitis, Rosacea and other scalp and skin irritations associated with inflammation.

Bo Stegall | professional

At the age of 17, I lost my mother, Faye, a hairstylist diagnosed with small cell lung and brain cancer. Determined and in her honor, I developed a sophisticated Elite and Trademarked 8 step collection of safe and effective products. Honoring the legacy of my Mom is my Passion. Giving back to my community and promoting holistic growth is my Philanthropy. Positive regulation of the beauty industry is my Philosophy.

- Bo Stegall

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